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live events at Walcot Chapel

Friday, May 25   1830 – 2100


live opening party


Everyone is welcome to our opening party. This is one of many celebratory events scattered around Bath to kick-off the FaB18 festival of contemporary art. Visit the FaB website for more details, including the late late party at Green Park Station, hosted by our friends at the parallel festival of Bath Fringe.

Saturday, May 26   1100 – 1700


live live


A day filled with activity, and an open invitation for members of the public to come along and participate. 


The internationally renowned ceramics artist Sandy Brown invites people with many skills and none to work and play with Avon clay.


The sculptor Martin Staniforth encourages visitors to help him make a new piece with found materials.


The celebrated choir leader and singer-songwriter, Su Hart, conducts an impromptu workshop to make an improvised and spontaneous choral piece that lifts the spirits of singers and listeners alike.


Anais Comer tells a child-friendly story about a stranded whale.


The process artist Aine Kelly creates new work on site.


The many media artist Sophie Erin Cooper continues her drawing on glass in the chapel.



Friday, June1      1930




Su Hart, the dynamic choir leader and singer-songwriter, joins the composer Sian Croose to lead an adventurous evening of layered women’s voices, using interlocking rhythms and harmonies. Their influences are as diverse as Meredith Monk and Baka women’s rainforest singing.


£5      Tickets on the door or at


Saturday, June 2     1200 - 1600


live performance


Three very different approaches to the concept of live performance establish their presence both inside the chapel and in its evocative surroundings .


The direct voices of artists from many centuries ago will speak out in a performative recital Live Voices of Timeless Lives, presented by the Italian art historian Sara Riccardi. She will add their words to the dialogue created in the live exhibition by present-day artists.


In The Fall, a performance in which she will invite passers-by to participate, the Bath artist Vicky Vatcher will explore the act of  falling - an event filled with fear, tension and possibly pain, but also perhaps creative possibility.


The Canadian artist Robert Luzar will add new work to his series Demonstrations, in which he presents commonplace actions and gestures and invests them with layers of potential significance. 




Saturday, June 2     1930


Tse Tse Fly Middle East + Human Rights Watch


The London-based experimental arts platform, with global roots,  Tse Tse Fly Middle East presents curated short films and sound performances. All artists are currently locally-based but have direct connections from all over the world. They are performing in support of human rights and freedom of speech. The event is itself supported by Amnesty International.


The evening will start with an hour of short films curated by Tse Tse Fly’s Emir Nader featuring the likes of Joseph Adel and Saeed Taji Farouky. The films will be followed by three live performances  from local performers:


Stereocilia is Bristol-based guitarist and composer John Scott who uses guitar and live looping techniques to create dense, rich layers of sound.                        


Ocean Floor is the solo project of Aonghus Reidy, an ambient and experimental musician from Ireland. Based in Bristol his live shows features extended improvisations for analogue and digital synthesizers, mixed with fragments of melody and chord progressions.               


SALTINGS is a pastoral-horror-soundscape project, founded by Irish-born composer Andrew Cooke. He draws on the unsettling literary influences of authors like M.R. James and W.G. Sebald, to tentatively create audio-worlds of controlled darkness; hushed plateaux of eerie tranquility and black horizons full of whispering, half-dreamed creatures...                  




Sunday, June 3     1200 and 1400

Live Voices of Timeless Lives


Sara Riccardi returns to Walcot Chapel to re-present her performative recital. She will be in the chapel throughout the day to facilitate visitors and passers-by wishing to interact with the artists’ voices.



Sunday, June 3     1500


live Conversation


Artists involved with the exhibition and events informally gather to talk together about their featured work, and to put it in its wider context. Allcomers are welcome to join in the conversation.


Friday, June 8     2030


Rock of Eye


A lively trio live. Alex Vann (Spiro, Three Cane Whale) on mandolin, Ron Phelan (Schmoozenbergs and many others) on double bass and Madame Česki (Paper Cinema, Sam Lee band) on violin. Don´t expect a slow amble through English folk music. Prepare for an explosive and exhilarating ride from early Italian dance music to forgotten Welsh airs.

Saturday, June 9     1800 - 2000


It Sounds Devicive @ live


Lauschen - Iris Garrelfs

Lauschen (Eavesdropping) is an improvised performance for environment, voice and listening cones.The performance also incorporates a subtle surround sound composition emitted from  hidden bluetooth speakers. 


Martin Vish 

Sound improvisation for one person playing two guitars and implements - including sponge, electric toothbrush, felt, chains, candle holders, and more.

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